Romeo and Juliets death

Romeo and Juliet two lovers that went to their doom you may wonder who caused this. well there are many people or things that caused their death such as fate, the friar, or even the nurse. Although romeo may say that fate ruined their marriage but i say it was the Friars fault for romeo and Juliet’s.

The first reason why it was the Friars fault is because he blamed him self for Romeo and Juliet’s death. In the story the Friar say’s “miscarried by my fault”. My quote proves my point because the quote shows that he is blaming him self for their sad death. That is the first reason why i say it was the Friar who was to the death of Romeo and Juliet.

The second reason why i blame the Friar for the death of Romeo and Juliet is because the Friar married Romeo and Juliet knowing that it was a poor decision. In the play the Friar says”Till holy church incorporates two in one”. This quote proves my second reason because it show that the Friar married them and didn’t say anything against their decision.that the second reason why i say that it was the friar to blame for Romeo and Juliet’s death.

So although people may that the fate sent Romeo and Juliet to their death i say that it was the friar for my many reasons.


Great Depression


This is a picture of all the people trying to get the money in their account of the banks, a lot of people were affected by what had happened their, with all the money that was just gone , they left the people with a little bit of hope, this picture reflects all the amount of people that were affected by this and left them with no more confidence.

This picture to me is basically showing me how big this situation was, how all these people that have saved their life’s saving to the bank have been wasted , its just amazing how most of these people were able to rise above after what had happened, I think that in the future everyone should see this as a wake up call, saying that expect the unexpected be ready for anything that is to come and to rise above and not give up because anyone has the potential to move forward and do lots of things in their lives, and help others too if their going through something hard.


Sports are a good contribution to schools, why? Because it’s helps motivate the people that are in the team to keep their grades up and work hard for their education too, for me, the grades that I have had are been good because I’ve been really into soccer, and it’s been helping me work hard to pass my classes and motivate me to do good in school and soccer.

One thing

I hate it when you know you can go a step higher and beat someone’s position but theirs always this one thing that prevents it from happening, something that will take you a wile so that you can get better at it, it happens every were in any type of job, but mainly when it comes to sports.

Immigration: Who is American?

Do you know why people think iimmigrants are bad and bot eduacated, its because their not from the United states but thats not true anyone can be an american because america is a free country.

I’m an immigrant myself and I can surely say that not every immigrant is like that. Although some may say that immigrants are not American and don’t belong here, it’s true that they are Americans and they do belong here because America is home of the free and any one can come and make a living in the United States.

If you spend a day with any family or mine you’ll know that the stereotype is not true, lot’s of professional’s in the United States are immigrants for example doctors, teachers, nurses, and even cops. I have a cousin who came from El Salvador at the age of sixteen to the U.S and know he’s about to graduate from a University as an engineer of technology. My cousin is an example of many immigrants who have come to the U.S to help in many ways life for example, in society, their neighborhoods, and many other places and they have not caused any trouble here in the U.S. Immigrants are just another group of people who want to make a better living and accomplish in life just like any other person in the U.S.

Every American has succeeded in America because they belong here, why is that statement not true for immigrants, well it is because many have showed and proved it. “Migrants are risk takers” this means a lot and defines what migrants are, I’m not saying that migrants never do anything bad and that they are saints but most of the immigrants in the U.S work hard and try to succeed here in the U.S . Risk takers mean to not care if they fail, they are not scared to fail, because anyone can learn from their errors. Anyone can dream of success, you can’t discriminate a group of people for trying to succed, not only Americans can succed but immigrants can also succed. Although some may say that immigrants are not American and don’t belong here, it’s true that they are American and they do belong here because America is home of the free and anyone can make a living in the United States. Immigrants have made a change in this world and have proved who they really are so why are immigrants not allowed to succed in the U.S .


A Julia de Burgos

“que en todos mis poemas desnudo el corazón”-Personification

Este lenguaje figurado esta tratando de decir que el autor “desnuda el corazón” esto significa que el expressa su corazón con todo sinceridad

“Tú eres como tu mundo, egoista; yo no; que en todo me lo juego a ser lo que soy yo.”

Este languaje figurado esta tratando de decir que el autor si actua como deveras es no trata de parenta ser como alguien que no es.

“a mi me riza el viento, a mi me pinta el sol.”

El autor esta tratando de decir aqui que a el o ella siempre esta felis por razones naturales y no le importa lo que otros dicen.

Mi opinion de todo lo que esta diciendo el autor es que todo es verdad a ninguna persona le tiene que importar lo que otros  dicen de el o ella tiene actuar como su verdadera forma de ser su personalidad y no ser egoistas.

Goals of a Salvadorian

Where I come from lots of people don’t succeed, if you got a normal job and you were from El Salvador then you were considered lucky, but I don’t want it to be that way, to get a normal job and not being able to help my family in economic stuff, and be considered lucky, I want to reach the impossible, somewhere where no one from my country has been able to reach, make my country be proud of me and my family.

I can’t just be that person who says all this stuff about reaching the impossible and then end up being who they didn’t want to be, if I want to accomplish what I want I have to have plans and goals. My life has always been involved in soccer, and one of my goals is to be a professional soccer player, but I can’t be a professional right now I need a way to get there, my goal is to make junior varsity my freshmen year so like that I can make varsity my junior year, if I can make these things happen then by that time I have gotten better at soccer and have gotten lots of experience when it comes to playing in games and feeling the pressure that every soccer player feels. When it comes to sports there’s always going to be something that keeps you in sports and that something is grades, having good grades just doesn’t help you out in sports but it also helps you in academics and it helps to be able to reach a good college. What I have done is start working even harder to reach my goals, I want to reach a 4.0 GPA so that it can make things easier, I have started good with a 3.5 average, what I have to do now is try to study harder for more A’s.

When I go to college I want to be involved in music engineering, I know how to play guitar, bass, drums, and piano I learned how to play everything by the time I was 13, the reason why I would love to be able to equalize music and know how to be an engineer is because I have been watching how other people do it and it seems like something that I would be able to do. I have already gotten some experience on engineering, me and my family have recorded and album and the guy who was our engineer thought me some stuff when it comes to equalizing, when he saw that I was learning fast he said that I should take lessons with him because I have a future on engineering , now I have been taking his class for 2 years and I have learned a lot and now I am looking forward to have that as my master’s degree in college.

My family is the only thing that keeps me going, they have supported me so much, they are the reason I have gotten far in my life and I am looking to repay them when I  am bigger, not just because I love it’s also because they have sacrificed so much for me and not many people have the privilege to have a full family stick with them and support them on every step of their life’s. I hope that I will one day be able to reach these goals lots of people I know have high expectations for me and I don’t want to be the one that lets them down.

Symbiolic theme


Gun → Brain = Brain wins

The theme of “The Most Dangerous Game” is , “you don’t have to be the best to beat your opponent, just outsmart them. Rainsford knew that the general Zaroff was the best at hunting and also had some tricks up his sleeve but he did not know all of them so rainsford had an idea “he thought of a native trick he had learned in Uganda. When Rainsford did that native trick he was able to take down Ivan, when the general got their he was confused and didn’t know were Rainsford went. Rainsford was not the best hunter but he did know how to use his surroundings to win the game